Basalt stone crusher

Application Area

High quality cast stone materials, and can do fine stone.

Investment Prospects

1. Used in all kinds of concrete and stabilized materials.
2. Auxiliary engineering materials for construction projects.
3. It is applied to all kinds of construction projects in the form of decorative materials, with beautification and artistic effects.

Introduction To Materials

The main mineral components are basic plagioclase and monoplagioclase.

Material Handling Process

1.In the first stage, the raw material slides from the large hopper to the vibrating feeder, which feeds the material evenly to the jaw crusher.The basalt material after the jaw is broken and broken goes into the secondary crushing buffer bin together.

2.In the second stage, the materials in the two-stage crushing buffer bin are fed into the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher by the feeding machine.

3.In the third stage, the crushed basalt stone is fed into the basalt sand making machine by the feeder for shaping and crushing, and then conveyed to the vibrating screen by the belt conveyor.Screen out the finished stone required for production, re-sand grinding if unqualified.The user who has the need can also configure the relevant sand washing machine and other equipment.

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