limestone crusher

Introduction To Materials

Limestone is a kind of sedimentary rock, which belongs to crystalline structure and layered structure, and the main rock mineral is calcite.(in addition, it may contain clay, dolomite, magnesium carbonate, iron oxide, silicon oxide and some organic impurities.)Compact limestone with compressive strength of 20~120MPa and density of 2000~2600 kg/m3.When the clay impurity in limestone is more than 3%~4%, the frost resistance and water resistance are significantly reduced.Siliceous limestone has high strength, hardness and durability.Most limestone is fine, hard and resistant to weathering.Limestone is widely distributed, everywhere, easy to dig, easy to process.In building engineering, it is used for foundation, exterior wall, bridge pier, step and pavement, and can also be used as concrete aggregate.

Material Handling Process

1.After the raw material passes through the silo, it is fed uniformly by the vibration feeder and conveyed to the jaw crusher for primary crushing. The primary crushing materials and the small materials screened by the vibration feeder are conveyed to the impact crusher by the belt conveyor.
2.After the coarse and broken materials transported to the counter breaking are broken, circular vibrating screen is used to screen the materials after the counter breaking: the larger particles are returned to the counter breaking and broken again;Qualified materials are graded according to the requirements and sent to different storage piles by conveyors for storage or directly transported to the construction site by trucks.

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